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Akhir İlan no: 1494
FİYATI : 3,900,000 €
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Main characteristics

Length overall 27.55 m

Max beam 6.51 m

Light displacement 68 tons (no fuel-water-lube oil)

Half load displacement 74 tons (half fuel-water-lube oil)

Full load displacement 81 tons

Max draught (under propeller) 2,14 m

Fuel oil tanks capacity 10000 litres

Water tanks capacity 1800 litres

Black water capacity 460 litres

Grey water capacity 300 litres

Light displacement is weight of the vessel in metric tonnes with water, fuel and lubrication oil tanks filled to 10% of maximum capacity and 2 crew.

Half Load displacement is weight of the vessel in metric tonnes with water, fuel and lubrication oil tanks filled to 50% of maximum capacity, half crew, with consumables and fully equipped.

Full load displacement is weight of the vessel in tonnes with water, fuel and lubrication oil tanks filled to 100% of maximum capacity, full crew, with consumables and fully equipped.

Propulsion system: 2 diesel engines MTU 12V 2000 M93 smart line rating 1340 kW with 2 reduction gear boxes ZF 3060v, and 2 five blades fixed pitch propellers.

Max speed at 1/3 load 30 knots

28 with stabilizers Not operating

Continuous speed at 1/3 load 26 knots

24 with stabilizers Not operating

Range 450 n.m. at 25 knots

Accommodation for guests 8 people

Accommodation for crew 3 people

Classification and certificates

The vessel including its machinery, equipment and systems will be built in accordance with the following rules and regulations in force at the contract date:

Registro Navale Italiano (RINA) C X Hull l Mach “Y”

CE mark, B category

Convention on the International Regulation for the Prevention of Collision at Sea

Country of Registry Regulations (if notified before signing the contract, as option)

005 Drawings

The Builder will prepare all drawings and calculations required by the Classification Society.

One copy of the following drawings for operational purpose will be supplied to the Owner’s representative at the delivery of the yacht:

General Arrangement Plan


Capacity plan

Arrangement of tanks, manholes

Bilge and fire fighting system

Sea water cooling system

Air vent and sounding pipes

Fuel oil system

Hot and cold fresh water system

Lube oil system

Black and grey water system

Electrical wiring diagrams:

- Electrical load balance

- Electrical one line diagram

- Distribution system

General layout of switchboards and electric distribution panels

Docking plan

Air conditioning system

Steering hydraulic piping diagram

Basic amidships cross section details

006 Instruction books

A copy of the manuals and instruction books for engine room machinery, deck equipment, air conditioning system, electronics instruments, galley equipment, entertainment equipment and communication systems will be supplied at delivery of the vessel.

A Technical Manual for the vessel operation will be supplied as well. All instructions books will be in English.

007 Sea trials and quay tests

Before delivery the Builder will carry out trials and tests to verify all the systems, the operational fitness of the vessel and the performances stated above.

All official trials and tests will be executed with the attendance of the Owner’s representative and the Classification Society surveyor where necessary.

All costs in connection with the trials will be at the Builder’s account. At delivery of the vessel, the fuel oil remaining in tanks will be charged to the Owner, at current price.


101 Hull construction

The hull is built in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). The mechanical and chemical properties of the laminates will be verified in accordance to Classification Society’s procedures. The hull is monohedron type and she is provided with an efficient system of longitudinal framing on the bottom in conjunction with girders, bulkheads and web frames to provide transverse rigidity. Special consideration will be paid to local reinforcements such as fore sections, machinery foundations, shaft brackets and internal casings in accommodation areas, bow thrusters tunnel, rudders, etc..

The hull bottom will be made of stiffened single-skin structure, while the hull side will be made of sandwich structure.

The hull skin will be carried out with E-glass stitched reinforcements impregnated by epoxy resin.

The internal structure will be carried out with omega shaped stiffeners designed in E-glass stitched reinforcement laminate (web) and E-glass unidirectional tape (crown) with epoxy resin.

The FRP fabrication will be carried out by closed mould process (resin infusion) to provide the best final laminate quality.

The hull will be post-cured in order to get the best mechanical and chemical material properties.

102 Decks and superstructure

Deck and superstructure laminate will be made of sandwich structure transversely and longitudinally stiffened, where necessary, by top hat stiffeners with polyurethane core.

The shell will be constructed by E-glass stitched reinforcement skins, impregnated with epoxy resin, with PVC core (or equivalent foam material) of adequate mechanical properties.

Core material density will be chosen according to expected global and local loads.

The construction methodology will be the same as the hull: closed mould process with post-cure in oven.

103 Structural bulkheads

The hull is divided in 4 watertight compartments by mean of 3 watertight bulkheads. The structural bulkheads will be built in GRP according to the Classification’s rules. The compartmenting bulkheads will be made of composite materials.

104 Double bottom tanks

Structural tanks are provided for fuel oil, fresh water, grey and black water according to capacity plan.

105 Engine foundations

The engine seat will be made by high density cored longitudinal girders over which an aluminium foundation will be located. These girders will continue fore and aft of the engines foundations, thus becoming an integral part of the bottom girder structure.

106 Garage door

The vessel will be equipped with a transom door hinged at the head for the access to the crew quarter

107 Forepeak

A chain locker of suitable volume to contain the anchor chains as required by the Classification Society will be provided forward of the watertight collision bulkhead. Hawse pipes will be in stainless steel AISI 316L with half round ends in anchor pockets and at deck level. Anchor chain washer will be provided.

108 Hull rubstrakes

GRP rubstrakes will be provided as indicated on the exterior profile and they will be protected with a stainless steel bar.

109 Mast

A GRP roll bar shaped mast will be installed as shown on the exterior profile. This structure will be strong enough to support the antennas and radomes required by the navigation and communication equipment described hereunder.


201 Teak decks

Interior of transom door and main deck will be planked with Asian teak, of 12 mm finished thickness, traditionally laid with king planks and margin boards (flybridge as option).

Teak planks will be glued on the decks. Seams will be 5mm wide and filled with black rubber compound.

202 Outside handrails

Bulwark with 6 cm plank mahogany varnished caprail (teak as option). On fly bridge bulwark will be in GRP. Dimension and design as per Builder’s standard.

203 Windlasses

Two electric windlasses 2.2 kw , including barbotin for 12 mm anchor chain, vertical shaft.

204 Anchor and chains

Two galvanized steel HHP Posidonia 80Kg. 125 m of 12mm galvanized stud-link chain will be supplied for each anchor.

205 Capstans

Two electric capstans 2.2 kw.

206 Mooring bollardsand fairleads

Four stainless steel mooring bollards according to mooring plan.

Dimension and design as per Builder’s standard.

207 Mooring lines

100 metres of nylon mooring line, 24mm diameter

100 metres of nylon towing line, 24mm diameter

208 Port lights

Opening type stainless steel port lights and fixed ones, according to exterior profile, in AISI 316, with tempered glasses.

209 Bulwark doors

Two doors will be fitted in the bulwark on main deck and two on main deck aft to have access to the gangway and stern platform. The bulwark doors will have stainless steel hinges, closing dogs and means of securing in open position.

210 Exterior doors.

The following exterior doors will be supplied and installed:

One automatic double sliding door in tempered glass and s/s frame from aft deck to saloon

One automatic hatch from internal corridor to the flybridge

One door as emergency exit from engine room

Two electric side doors

One door from external swimming platform to crew cabins

The position is shown on the General Arrangement.

Dimension and design as per Builder’s standard. All doors will be secured in open position.

Doors are approved by the Classification Society compliant.

211 Windshield on fly bridge

A windshield made of a stainless steel frame with tempered glass screen will be installed on the forward part of fly bridge.

212 Tender crane

One hydraulic tender crane will be installed on the flybridge; The SWL is clearly marked on the crane body itself as well as on the hook.

213 Stern gangway

One telescopic hydraulic gangway, approx. length 4,5 mt, with remote control, will be installed on the main deck aft..

214 Ship’s names

Name of the yacht will be fitted on transom as per Builder’s standard. Port of registry will be fitted on transom as well.

215 Windows

Size and position of the windows will be as per General Arrangement and Profile.

Glass thickness will be as required by the Classification Society.

All windows will be fixed and not opening.

216 Windows wipers and defrosting

Three windows wipers will be fitted on the front wheelhouse windows. Freshwater washing will be provided for each wiper.

217 Horn

A pneumatic horn made by Marco or equivalent will be installed

218 Flagpoles

A flagpole on transom and a jack staff on bow will be fitted. They will be in painted aluminium or polished stainless steel or varnished mahogany as per Builder’s standard.

219 Covers

Covers in Dacron will be supplied for: windlasses, search light, horn, fly bridge console, wheelhouse windows, outdoor furniture, sun bathing pads.

Tender and water toys covers will be supplied by the Owner.

220 Fenders

The following fenders will be supplied: 10 cylindrical fenders Polyform F6, 4 balloon fenders Polyform A5

221 Fender holders

14 fender holders in stainless steel upholstered in leather with cleat will be supplied.

222 Fire extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers and fire hoses with nozzles will be provided as required by the Classification Society.

223 Rescue and safety equipment

Full set of rescue and safety equipment will be supplied as required by classification Society


301 General

The following design features will be adopted to control noise and vibration levels:

Installation of the main mechanical equipment on resilient mounts

Main engines and reduction gears are elastically mounted on extra rigid foundations

All main pipes will be secured using rubber lined brackets

The generators will be elastically mounted and enclosed in sound shields made by the generators supplier.

floor of the guest cabins will be supported on elastic frames (floating floors) and covered on the lower part with noise insulation materials

Insulation materials will be used wherever is necessary to reduce airborne noise, such as engine room bulkheads and ceiling.

302 Engine Room

The insulation of the engine room will be carried out very carefully so that all surfaces will be covered with special damping materials. Ceiling, sides and bulkheads in engine room will be insulated with sound-proofing and heat insulating materials. Exhaust pipes will be insulated with ceramic composite material.

The engine room insulation is made with materials in accordance with the Classification Society.

303 Accommodations

All hull sides are coated with noise reduction paint and lined with insulation in accordance with the Classification Society.

304 Interior partitions

Interior partitions are made of plywood panels and sandwich foam fiberglass panels.

305 Ceilings

upper sides of ceilings are coated with noise reduction paint and covered with noise insulation materials

306 Floors

All floors in lower deck are floating laid on rubber level, made of sandwich foam fiberglass and an under layer will be fitted under the carpet.


401 Fuel system

The vessel has 4 fuel tanks with a total capacity of 10000 liters:

 Structural tanks in fibreglass, located in the double bottom underneath the guest cabins: total capacity 3370 + 3150 +1675 liters.

2 day tank in fibreglass, located on port and starboard sides of the after engine room bulkhead: total capacity 1223 + 1223 liters.

All tanks will have inspection manholes and vent pipes.

The fuel inlets, made of loading tanks in PE UNI 3575 Peraluman of 65 litres of capacity, are located amidships on port and starboard side, recessed in the superstructure. From these tanks fuel goes to main structural tank by gravity and it is transferred by two electric pumps, or, in emergency, by a manual pump. The two electric fuel pumps, located in the engine room, are powered respectively with 380V AC triple phase 50 Hz and 24V DC. Main engines and generators will draw their fuel from the daily tank and the return of the excess fuel will go to the daily tank as well.

A two Separ fuel filters system for each main engine and a single Racor filter for each generator will be installed.

Emergency cut-off quick closing valves with remote control outside of the engine room will be provided on daily tank for diesel engines supply lines.

402 Fresh water system

Cold water system

The vessel is outfitted with one structural fresh water tank in fibreglass having a total capacity of approx. 1800 litres. A remote level gauge will be fitted. The vessel is also equipped with a shore fresh water connection with a pressure-reducing valve.

The fresh water system will include two fresh water pressure pumps. Fresh water pumps will be rubber mounted.

The system is equipped as option with a UV filter germ killing on the delivery of the fresh water pump.

Hot water system

The hot water supply system shall include two 380V AC 80 litreswater heaters with pressure relief valves and one 380V AC 50Hz circulating pump. All hot water system piping will be as cold water and adequately insulated.

403 Water makers(option)

The vessel shall be equipped as option, with one reverse osmosis water maker Idromar MC3J or equivalent with all necessary gauges, filters, high and low pressure pumps.

the unit has a production capacity of approx. 180lt/h.

404 Grey and black water system

The black and grey water system consists in a system which collect the water discharge from showers, sinks, bidet and toilets and automatically transfer to the tank by means of pumps.

The vessel’s black water system shall consist of a certain number of jets toilets (Tecma) as per General Arrangement.

A connection with international flange with relative piping from the structural tank is provided for shore discharge.

405 Bilge and fire system

In each bilge compartment there is a level sensor with monitoring on the “Bilge Alarms” panel located in wheelhouse. Each watertight compartment will have separate bilge suction through a manifold with two electric bilge pumps 380V AC three phases 50Hz (one as backup for the other).

The two pumps are also used for the seawater fire fighting system and for the anchor chain washing.

Fire hoses and nozzles will be fitted as per Classification Society rules.

The vessel is also equipped with a FM200 (or equivalent) fire extinguishing system approved by classification society for the engine room. Portable fire extinguishers according to Classification Society will be supplied.

The FM200 fire extinguishing system is composed by a compressed gas bottle connected to a nozzle inside the engine room and a visual and audible alarm; discharge delaying device set up to 30 seconds to allow personnel evacuation will be provided.


The vessel shall be equipped as option also with a diesel emergency fire pump located outside the engine room on the main deck and with sufficient fuel for four hours of operation.

İlan Türü 2. El
Yat Tipi Motor Yat
Bayrak TC
Ülke Türkiye
Şehir Diğer
Bağlı Olduğu Yer Belirtilmemiş
Marka Cantieri di Pisa
Model Belirtilmemiş
Üretim Tarihi 2009
Boy 90.0 ft - 27.55 mt
En 21.0 ft - 6.51 mt
Su Kesimi 7.0 ft - 2.14 mt
Ağırlık 162000 lbs - 81.00 tons
Motor Markası M.T.U
Motor Adedi 2
Motor Gücü 1797 HP
Motor Saati 220
Yakıt Türü Dizel
Yakıt Deposu 2,642 gal - 10,000 ltr
Su Tankı 476 gal - 1,800 ltr
Kabin Sayısı 0
Yatak Sayısı 0
WC Sayısı 0
  • Klima
  • Sıcak Su Ünitesi
  • Tatlı Su Yapıcı
  • Mürettebat Kabini
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