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Sektördeki tecrübesini butik ve kaliteli hizmet veren bir şirket olarak devam ettirmek üzere, 2009 yılında kurumsallaşan Apomare, aynı yıl yaptığı antlaşma ile, İtalya'nın en ünlü tekne üreticisi olan Cranchi'nin Türkiye yetkili dağıtıcısı olmuştur. 2018 yılında, ünlü tekne üreticisi olan Anvera ve 2019 yılında süper lüks tekne üreticisi Dominator Yachts'ın Türkiye yetkili dağıtıcılığını alarak portföyünü genişletmiştir.

Apomare; müşterilerin talepleri doğrultusunda 2. el yat satışı ve danışmanlığı konusunda da hizmet vermekte, bu sebeple 2. el tekne portföyünde de birçok marka barındırmaktadır.

Yeni bir yat sahibi olmak isteyen herkesin; farklı ihtiyaçları ve beğenileri doğrultusunda, kendi ile özdeşleşen, kendi tarzını yakaladığı yatlara sahip olmasını hedefleyen Apomare, bu konuda uzman kadrosu ve her müşterinin kendisini özel hissetmesini sağlayan hizmet kalitesi ile, müşteri memnuniyetini en üst düzeyde tutmayı amaçlamaktadır.


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Web site: www.apomare.com
Country Türkiye
City İstanbul
Phone 02122650014
Cell Phone 05322115005
Address Muhtar Huseyin Sok. No:13/2 Ulus


Present in 55 countries around the world, and with a highly dynamic sales network, the CRANCHI? trademark is globally near all its customers. Alongside the traditional markets, where our boats enjoy an excellent reputation, others have recently emerged and are showing a notable increase in sales. This is true of China, South Africa, Russia, and many other countries of Eastern Europe, including the Ukraine, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Latvia. The success of the CRANCHI? products can be traced back to its ?Corporate Reputation?, in other words the capacity of our name to increase the trust of our customers, via the prestige that they associate with it. Ours is a product that is the highest example of ?Made in Italy?, and which remains permanently linked to the concepts of luxury, exclusiveness, technology and design. The CRANCHI? sales network is made up of professionals who coherently apply the directives fixed by the parent company with regard to sales, assistance and technical support for the clientele. Reliable and economically stable concessionaries with a high level of professionalism, guaranteed by their compulsory participation in technical updating courses organised by the parent company. A prerogative of our Sales and Marketing Management is that of examining each individual collaboration request, in order to select those that best respond to our ?Model concessionary? requirements. Because the sharing of the same philosophies allows us to attain that objective which is at the base of our work: satisfying our customers.



Anvera is the result of a ten-year experience accrued in competitions, most notably class 1 Offshore, but also in industrial sectors with a high technology content. This craft is not only lightweight, but also exceptionally resistant and safe; it requires complex and technological design, the use of special materials and attention to the smallest details. Moreover the used materials include hardly any wood. Discover the advantages of the Anvera construction method. Anvera is built using unidirectional or multiaxial carbon, very thick high-density PVC, and epoxy resin. All these materials are strong, as well as having high resistance to stress and impact. Fuel saving only 4.9 liters of fuel approximately = 1 mile at 40 knots Thanks to its construction method, Anvera boasts one of the best weight/power ratios available; at the same time it is characterized by a marked reduction in the horsepower installed. This results in efficient cost optimization as regards fuel.

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Cranchi Atlantique 50

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2009

Diğer 8/5/2020 275,000 €

Aicon 64 - 2007

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2007

Diğer 7/17/2020 585,000 €

Princess 23M 2008

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2008

Diğer 7/16/2020 900,000 €

Cantieri Di Pisa Akhir 2001
Cantieri Di Pisa

Length : 110.0 ft
Year :2001

Diğer 6/16/2020 1,950,000 €

Sunseeker Portofino 53 2009

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2009

Diğer 5/31/2020 399,000 €

Princess - p 62 2009

Length : 62.0 ft
Year :2009

Diğer 5/31/2020 699,000 €

Chris Craft 36
Chris Craft

Length : 11.63 mt
Year :2011

Diğer 5/21/2020 275,000 $

Cranchi Atlantique 50 2007

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2007

Diğer 5/14/2020 210,000 €

Hatteras 61 1982 REFIT 2020

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :1982

İstanbul 5/3/2020 225,000 $

Cantieri di Pisa 102ft (2008)
Cantieri Di Pisa

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2008

Diğer 4/7/2020 3,950,000 €

Cantieri Di Pisa 102ft 2006
Cantieri Di Pisa

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2006

Diğer 4/7/2020 2,150,000 €

Tecnomar 78ft 2004

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2004

Diğer 4/7/2020 850,000 €

SanLorenzo SL78FT 2018
San Lorenzo

Length : 24.64 mt
Year :2018

Diğer 2/17/2020 3,799 €

Itama 60FT 2003

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2003

Diğer 2/9/2020 375,000 €

Ferretti 810 (2004)

Length : 0.00 mt
Year :2004

Diğer 2/5/2020 950,000 €
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